September 22, 2022

Matt Farah AKA The Smoking Tire

Friend Helping Friends Currently, our number one problem with adding partners to the company is they simply do not believe the pitch! (perhaps I should work on that, lol).

Could a company really want to help me grow my YouTube channel, provide me free access to sweet merch, fund the project, develop the entire background, handle ALL logistics, AND cut me a check when it’s all over that is more than double my ad revenue (to be clear – not always…but pretty damn often)?”

The answer is yes. Full stop.

Justin and myself have lived on the entrepreneurial struggle-bus for years. After more than a decade of experience, we have put together something truly…Remarkabl (corny, I know…but it works so let’s go with it!).

And now…We are proud to announce the addition of Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, and The Smoking Tire podcast and YouTube channel to our growing list of partners!

Matt is a writer for Road & Track, the creator of The Smoking Tire, the owner and creator of West Side Collector Car Storage, and one hell of a good driver.

We are pumped to bring both Matt and Zack aboard.

Stay tuned this month for the release of their very special car build with a German flavor 😉

Want more information about partnering with us? Visit the homepage and submit your contact information to set up an appointment with Justin or I and learn more about getting started with your first promotion!

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