October 21, 2022

The Twisted Oaks Flag Co.

The Twisted Oaks Flag Co. is a Veteran-owned company

A proud Army Veteran, Jeremy has two tours under his belt, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Raised in Houston, his love of Texas kept him in the heat and he planted roots in San Antonio.

Coming from a creative family that features carpenters, contractors, fashion designers, and painters, it’s natural that he found his niche in crafting art out of wood and metal. Momentum gathered as the flags he created surged in demand. Twisted Oaks Flag Company was born out of the combined love of creating and pride felt for America.

Jeremy’s craftsmanship and creativity have had an impact on customers that purchase his flags as well as the recipients that are gifted them.

The amount of respect and appreciation for this Country and the people he took an oath to protect and defend shine through each creation.

He not only builds flags, but he also makes a statement…TO FREEDOM!

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