March 17, 2023

Helping Veterans & LEO has partnered with an upstart giveaway company called to bring you some of the best giveaways and prizes in the business. What makes this partnership truly unique is that the values and core missions of both companies blend together nicely. was founded to help aspiring content creators and small businesses grow and become more financially independent through unique giveaways. But it’s also dedicated to helping those who serve.

What Makes The Giveaways Special?
The giveaways are unique in part because there is an entrance fee to take part. While paying money to enter a giveaway may seem unique, the process actually keeps the entries low and the chances of winning high.

Plus, everyone who enters gets some sort of swag sent to them, so you always walk away with something regardless of if you win or not. Better yet, not only does each contestant get some sweet swag, they also know that a portion of the proceeds go toward helping veterans and law enforcement officers struggling with mental health issues.

“We’ve made mental health this company’s ‘give-back priority’ and have committed a portion of every campaign’s proceeds to supporting police officers and military veterans struggling with mental health through our charity, the Stay Safe Foundation,” says company COO Eric Basek, a military reservist and former law enforcement officer.

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